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Accentuate the POSITIVE - Free Activity

September 1, 2017
By Media Partners

Attitude is contagious. When your attitude is positive, the things you say cultivate positivity. When your attitude is negative, the things you say cultivate negativity. Both positive and negative attitudes affect the whole team. One builds it up; the other tears it down.

The way we say things makes a difference. The words we choose, and the tone we use, matter. This free activity is designed to give you practice in taking statements from a negative to positive tone. Click here for the Accentuate the Positive worksheet.

Remember: The responsibility for changing attitude lies solely with each of us. This “Accentuate the POSITIVE,” worksheet is a tool for anyone who wishes to increase positivity, change their attitude and their thinking, and reap the benefits of doing so.

If you are a manager with a staff member whose negative attitude is bringing down the team, click here for our article Attitude Versus Behavior. This article explains why you must focus on behavior, not attitude, when addressing performance issues and gives some examples of how to do so. Training on attitude and behavior helps to motivate the whole team and bring them together with respect for each others' ideas and attributes.

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