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Explore Frontline Insurance’s Powerful Training Outcomes in New Case Study from Media Partners

March 13, 2020
By Media Partners

When Robert “Rob” Highfill left Florida’s Walt Disney World after 28 years to take on a new role for Frontline Insurance, he took Media Partners with him.

Highfill was introduced to Media Partners' high-quality video-based training products during his time training employees at the theme park.

“I found products that were engaging and that got the learning points Frontline Ins Case Study_sidebaracross,” he says. In the new position, “I wanted training products that combine high quality content with the ability to capture and hold people’s attention.”

Once at Frontline, he lost no time in recommending the full Media Partners library of video and eLearning products to the company’s leaders.

The story of Highfill’s application of Media Partners training programs at the insurance firm is presented in a just-released case study: Leveraging the Power of Training to Drive Performance and Culture Change at Frontline Insurance.

New Teams, New Training Needs 

Frontline’s CEO brought Highfill onboard to establish a new Home Solutions team to serve the customers who rely on the company to insure properties across Florida and four other southeastern-U.S. states. The team’s successful launch soon led to its merger with another internal group, resulting in creation of Frontline’s Customer Solutions Department.

Highfill’s training responsibilities expanded, too. He re-established the structure and content of training at all organizational levels, creating learning paths to support internal mobility and advancement of employees as they built the skills needed to handle increasingly complex insurance claims. Because the Customer Solutions team interacts daily with policyholders, training emphasizes a strong customer service focus.

He’d leveraged the best-selling Media Partners customer service film The Difficult Guest to train employees in guest relations and guest services at Walt Disney World, so Highfill knew the program would work for his new department at Frontline. He says the program’s core message—captured in the acronym LAST: listen, apologize, solve, and thank—“gets the points across and establishes behaviors for which our people are accountable.”

From Customer Service to a Culture of Respect

Intensive customer service training that includes team and individual support for employees is only a part of the solutions Highfill has implemented, and continues to evolve, using Media Partners training. Leadership development, coaching, performance, and organizational culture are additional areas undergoing changes inspired by his revised approaches.

In addition, Frontline’s Human Capital function has chosen Media Partners' Once & For All to institute company-wide training on sexual harassment prevention. “It is so well designed that it educates employees while also engaging and empowering them,” Highfill notes, adding that he sees the program providing valuable support for Frontline’s culture of respect.

Frontline Ins Case Study_coverGet the Full Story

To read more about learning and development at Frontline Insurance, download the case study that includes the company’s use of measurement and feedback to augment training and strengthen employee performance.

Treat Your Learners to the Same Engaging Content

As this case study shows, high quality content can lead to great training success.

Media Partners is known for compelling story-telling and high-quality production value. Here’s a list of the programs featured in the case study, along with a few other top-sellers.
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Customer Service
Give 'em the Pickle
The Guest and The Difficult Guest
The Right Words at the Right Time... Customer Service Recovery (5 versions available)

Management/Leadership Development
The Practical Coach 2
The Leadership Pickles
Manager Moments (3 programs available) 

Respectful Workplace
Once & For All: Stopping Sexual Harassment at Work (5 versions available)
How Was Your Day: Getting Real About Bias, Inclusion, Harassment and Bullying