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How to Handle Those Pesky Time Thieves - Time Management for Managers

March 2, 2020
By Jerrin Padre

5 minutes. That’s the average time it takes to handle a single interruption.

Whether it’s a high priority email that just slid into your inbox or a text from your mother-in-law, managers are constantly bombarded with interruptions. In the moment, it’s easy to say, “Let me handle this real quick.”

But if the average worker faces 50-60 interruptions daily, suddenly more than 4 hours of your day are spent “handling [those interruptions] real quick.”
Time Thieves_stat rev 2
Looks like we’ve got a Time Thief on our hands.

In this video clip, we show how managers can reclaim their day from those pesky time thieves:

Scene from MANAGER MOMENTS: How to Excel in Tricky Situations for preview only; not to be used for training. 

For more managerial insights, watch the full-length preview:

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