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Storytelling For Business - Share Your Stories to Build Your Reputation and Help People Remember You

September 18, 2015
By Connie Ragen Green
Storytelling is an important part of relationship marketing. When you tell a story you engage the listener into what you are discussing. Much like a movie that they just cannot turn off your story has them hooked. I used to believe that my stories would not be of interest to anyone, and that they might even detract from my credibility as an online entrepreneur. It turns out that stories are something we can all relate to. Now people ask me to tell some of my stories again so they can learn from my experiences. 

Write down some of the stories that are a part of your life experience. See how you can relate them to what you are doing in your business. You might be surprised how many lessons you can teach from the things you have been through in your own life. When we think of some of the greatest people in history, it is their stories that make us care about them. (i.e. when you think of George think of the cherry tree) You can do the same thing to bring your online business to life. 

Choose stories that make a point or that others can learn from. These can be funny things that you have gone through, or more serious experiences you have had. There are business blogs that have done this successfully, and we look forward to learning something we can put into use right away. Share an experience you had that shows people who you are and what is important to you. Relate this to your business and you may be surprised at the result. 

Practice your storytelling on people you know well. Ask them which of your stories has the most impact, and which would be best not shared with the world. Have two versions of each story you tell; the long version that includes all of the details, and the shortened one that just covers a few interesting points. When you are interviewed you can always tell the shortened version of your story so that people will remember you. This is a great way to get your message out in a way that people will remember you and what you had to say. When your message is in the form of a story people are much more likely to remember it and put it into use in their life.
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