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Posts in Creativity & Innovation

The Many Benefits of Adult Learning

HornThumbWe’re learning all the time. We can take an active role in it--decide what we want to learn. Or, we can just absorb what we hear on TV or from friends.

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Using Employee Engagement Surveys to Boost Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

EngageThumbSatisfied and engaged employees are essential for customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty. Listen to your employees and take action on their feedback.

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Storytelling For Business - Share Your Stories to Build Your Reputation and Help People Remember You

BenchThumbStorytelling is an important part of relationship marketing. When you tell a story you engage the listener into what you are discussing. Much like a movie that they just cannot turn off your story has them hooked.

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Share Your Favorite Customer Service Story

HappyThumbnailWhat’s your best customer service story? When were you blown away by the help you received?

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Getting Three Magic Words from Customers . . . I’ll Be Back

TerminatorThumbYou spend time training, planning and expense getting a customer in the door and taking care of their needs. If they don’t say "I’ll be back," you've lost.

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Creative Customer Service - Thinking Outside the Box

BrainThumbnailOne of the challenges of customer service is that it's often most needed when we haven't had time to prepare. Staff must think on their feet because customer service is situational.

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Fun Employee Reward Ideas

GoodJobThumbnailThere is a myth out there that money is the best way to reward employees. But that’s not the case.  Here are a few fun reward ideas to consider. 

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Sometimes Weird Service is Great Service

Weird Service_160x120A while back, my husband and I took a trip up to Leavenworth; a picturesque Bavarian village nestled in Washington's Cascade Mountains. Though we both remember the beautiful hikes, the funky shops, and tasting locally crafted wine at dinner, the experience which most stays with me is popping into an elaborate fruit stand and feeding a miniature cow.

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The Confidence Pickle

LP-30blog-thumb.jpgIn his best selling sequel, The Leadership Pickles, Bob Farrell takes his own medicine and applies his customer service mantra, "Give em' the Pickle!," to managers and leaders.  He insists, "You serve the people who serve your customers.  Employees need pickles too."

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Guest Article: 4 Common Misconceptions about Employee Incentives

Employee Incentives ThumbHaving good intentions is unfortunately not enough at all to make employee incentives work for your company. If you want to spend your money on a truly worthwhile cause, do make sure first that you’re not suffering from any misconceptions about employee incentives.

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