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Right/Wrong to WIN/WIN: Peer-to-Peer Conflict Resolution
Program length: 13:00

Given the increased diversity of today’s work teams, more and more organizations are realizing the importance of creating a culture that supports conflict management at all levels. And that begins with training.


“Employers should create a workplace culture in which managing conflict is viewed
as a core job competency regardless of the employee’s role in the organization." 
SHRM*                    ________________________________________________________________________________

Right/Wrong to WIN/WIN™ is a practical and engaging conflict training film that teaches people how to move from a mindset of “I am right; you are wrong,” to a place of mutual understanding and collaboration. It helps people in conflict see that it’s never “you against me”…it’s always “us against the problem.”

The film introduces an easy-to-remember 5-step process that applies to any conflict:

Step 1.  Step away
Step 2.  Prepare
Step 3.  Focus on the problem, not the person
Step 4.  Meet face-to-face
Step 5.  Seek a WIN/WIN solution

This process enables any two employees to communicate their way to finding a win/win solution thereby lessening the need for a conflict mediator (such as a supervisor or manager). In addition to the 5-step process, the video features a highly relatable peer-to-peer conflict scenario and fun graphics.


Right/Wrong to WIN/WIN is perfect as a self-study, a small group study, or an instructor-led training session. An accompanying Leader’s Guide (which includes a Conflict Style Questionnaire), Powerpoint presentation and Pocket Reminder Card are provided. 

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*SHRM Toolkit, “Managing Workplace Conflict”, November 4th, 2015

Languages Available (sold separately): English

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Right/Wrong to WIN/WIN: Peer-to-Peer Conflict Resolution
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