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Train your staff on the special care, needs, and circumstances of elder patients with these compelling training videos.

Elder Care Training

How to Connect in Healthcare in 90 Seconds or Less

A Media Partners Release

Because the ability for healthcare workers to connect with their patients is vital to establishing trust, this film is a must-see for anyone working in the healthcare field. Nicholas Boothman lays out a clear and concise plan for making that connection. His enthusiasm is infectious and viewers will be motivated and ready to immediately transfer their learning to their patients.

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What Do You See?

This moving film highlights the importance of seeing every patient as an individual and reminds healthcare workers to see the humanity in patients who are elderly or infirm, and to always treat them with dignity. 

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General Hospitable

A CRM Release

For customer service that is specific to the healthcare industry, this program has solid training and high entertainment value. Perfect for training hospital staff, this funny and effective video reveals the attitudes and behaviors that put patients and their families at ease.

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Patient Diversity: Beyond the Vital Signs

A CRM Release

Spend the afternoon in almost any hospital and you'll discover the challenges of providing - and receiving - medical care in this increasingly diverse era. This unique program ensures that healthcare workers are able to provide respectful care to patients from various ethnic, cultural or religious backgrounds.

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