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Don’t shoulder the burden of safety alone. Let our selection of back safety programs give you the extra support you need.

ergonomics and back safety training

Safe Lifting

Back pain and injuries are costly to both the employees that suffer from them, and their employers. Prevent these pesky back problems before they start with this new release training product on Safe Lifting practices. Ensure that employees know how to lift and carry safely.

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Office Ergonomics

**Updated for 2015** Teach employees to recognize ergonomic problems, the repercussions of adverse effects, and practical solutions they can use to help deal with ergonomic problems in the office.

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Industrial Ergonomics

This back safety training program will help employees to recognize ergonomic problems and potential adverse effects and to use pragmatic solutions to address back-related problems.

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Laboratory Ergonomics

MARCOM's Laboratory Ergonomics training program shows how to set up work areas correctly, as well as how to minimize the strain of using laboratory equipment, tools and instruments.

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Safe Lifting in Construction Environments

The materials on a construction site can often be heavy and oddly shaped, and what you don't know about lifting them correctly can hurt you. This program shows the proper ways to lift to avoid injury.

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Stretching the Team

Ten simple exercises to help you and your team stretch. Join in and feel the benefits.

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Removing Tension

Create some team-building fun, release tension and solve problems.

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