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Harassment Prevention Made Simple
Program length: 8:00

Harassment Prevention Made Simple for Employees gives it to you straight. Short, but comprehensive, it presents the latest on what is considered harassment in the workplace. In just 8 minutes,  the video covers every aspect of this important legal topic. It provides a thorough overview of protected groups, different types of harassment, and harassment prevention techniques.

    Employees will learn through the points covered:

    • The protected groups
    • Hostile work environment harassment
    • The reasonable person standard
    • Prevention techniques and third parties
    • Physical, verbal and nonverbal cues
    • Cyberbullying, texting, social media and email harassment
    • Gender, sexual and same-sex harassment
    • Disability, cultural and religious harassment
    • Pregnancy comments
    • Insensitive jokes, gossiping and spreading rumors
    • Menacing, threatening or intimidating behavior
    • Exclusion or isolation actions
    • Use of demeaning or offensive names
    • Legal consequences for harassers
    • Harassment by non-employees such as customers and vendors
    • Retaliation and organizational responsibility

    The program's short length and variety of topics make it effective both as a meeting opener and a stand-alone program. Along with the leader's guide and participant quiz, the program gives your employees a thorough overview of the topic -- reminding them of their rights and the rights of others. 

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    Sexual Harassment Prevention Made Simple
    Harassment Hurts: It's Personal II

    Languages Available (sold separately): English, Spanish


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    Harassment Prevention Made Simple
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