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Program length: Video Only - Each of the LEAD NOW! Dimension videos runs 5-8 minutes in length. eLearning - Each of the LEAD NOW! eLearning modules takes approximately 10 minutes to complete.

The goal of leadership development is shaping and changing leaders’ behaviors to empower organizations to grow and prosper while better serving customers and stakeholders. By that standard, two-thirds of organizations are failingBrandon Hall Group*

Research shows that efforts to develop organizational leaders continue to miss the mark. Stewart Leadership, experts in leadership development with 45+ collective years of management and leadership consulting and coaching, have changed that with LEAD NOW! — a system that effectively prepares the leaders of today and tomorrow.

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  • Develops the whole leader through a comprehensive leadership system.
  • Personalizes the leadership path through 21 modules served buffet style.
  • Prepares both seasoned and emerging leaders.
  • Keeps employees engaged over time with inspiring stories, power tips, and knowledge application activities.

This is accomplished through a library of short, powerful videos and accompanying materials that provide instruction and insights on 21 key leadership dimensions in 4 quadrants: Create Purpose, Deliver Excellence, Develop Self and Others, and Lead Change.

A Dimension Survey
 establishes what dimensions the learner should focus on first and personalizes the leadership development path. 

The result? You are ensured a pipeline of capable leaders. What's more, your organization retains and attracts employees who seek ongoing opportunities for meaningful professional development and career advancement—be they executives and managers or staff employees.

These four points of view become the two axes that encompass the four areas of great leadership. Each of these four areas/quadrants is supported by 4-7 key leadership dimensions which provide the basis for in-depth leadership development action planning. 

CREATE PURPOSE A leader must be responsible for defining vision and strategy which involves:
▪ Customer Focus 
▪ Effective Communication 
▪ Presentation Skills 
▪ Strategic Thinking 

DELIVER EXCELLENCE A leader must be responsible for delivering operational excellence and translating strategy into day-to-day execution which involves:
▪ Decision Making 
▪ Delegating
▪ Dependability 
▪ Focusing on Results 
▪ Personal Integrity
▪ Problem Solving

DEVELOP SELF & OTHERS A leader must value learning for self and others which involves:
▪ Coaching 
▪ Ego Management
▪ Listening
▪ Personal Development
▪ Team Building
▪ Time Management
▪ Valuing Others

LEAD CHANGE A leader must create and champion change that benefits the organization which involves:
▪ Change Management
▪ Innovation 
▪ Inspiring Commitment 
▪ Organizational Savvy

All videos stand alone and run 5-8 minutes in length.
For previewing purposes, the videos have been combined under their respective quadrants. (To preview, click on Free FULL Preview above, select Video-only, and select a quadrant. The videos contained in each quadrant will play back to back. For direct access to a specific dimension, select the eLearning FULL Preview option.)

Woven into the LEAD NOW! videos are:
  • Leadership Lessons (timeless stories for the modern leader) 
  • Leadership Gems (practical and quick leadership insights) 
  • Leadership Power Tips (actionable information for building dimension effectiveness)
Accompanying the videos are Dimension Worksheets that provide the learner with reflection questions, prompts for Power Tip application, and opportunities to set specific goals and action steps.

Classroom Package—With this material, you have the flexibility to lead a session over the entire LEAD NOW! Video Library or use individual modules to address a smaller number of skill sets. 
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Self-Paced eLearning—Practical and easy to use, the LEAD NOW! eLearning course lets learners work through dimensions in the order they want, based on their preferences and survey results.  

For details on what is included with each of these options, see our LEAD NOW! Purchase Option Components overview →
Click here to access the pdf.

Please contact us for more information. (800) 408-5657.

*, Let's Stop Leadership Development Dysfunction.

Languages Available (sold separately): English


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