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Keeping the Good Ones Video
Program length: 26:00

Now with enhanced video quality

The message of this training video is simple... Treat your team members as people first and employees second.

Keeping the Good Ones is a management and leadership training video that deals with positive employee-manager relationships and employee retention. This inspirational training will equip your managers with practical tools they can use to keep the good people they already have.

In the end, keeping the good ones comes down to connecting with each team member on a regular basis. The great news is that this doesn't cost you or your company a dime.

The Key Learning Points of Keeping the Good Ones are:

  • Offer YOURSELF as a person
  • Offer your TIME with a regular Take 10 Check-in
  • Offer your APPRECIATION

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Languages Available (sold separately): English, Spanish (dubbed), Castilian Spanish (subtitled), Chinese Simplified (subtitled), Chinese Traditional (subtitled), Dutch (subtitled), French (subtitled), French Canadian (subtitled), Hungarian (subtitled), Italian (subtitled), Japanese (subtitled), Korean (subtitled), Polish (subtitled), Portuguese (dubbed), Russian (subtitled), Swedish (subtitled), Thai (subtitled)

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Honest opinions from the managers and employees who use our training products in the real world.
Keeping the Good Ones Video
reviewed by 11 people
    Trainer - Professional Trainer
This is a training film that is full of surprises, humor, and heart. It's a film about leadership. It's a film about managing people instead of employees. It's a film about adding a level of humanity to the workplace that will enrich the working lives of both the manager and the employees. Yet, it is both practical and real. It's an excellent employee retention training film.

  • The manager and the employees are real -- and easy to relate to.
  • Film adeptly addresses the feelings of the viewers, which prepares them for the learning.
  • The idea of a Take 10 Check-in may at first seem contrived.
5 out of 5 people thought the following review was helpful:
    Chad Klocke - Pizza Ranch, Inc.
"Keeping the Good Ones" is presently the ONLY video I use for training - I'm incredibly picky. This video does an excellent job at displaying what it intends to, but also things that perhaps it didn't such as selflessness and a servant hearted approach to management. It reminds me of a quote by myself. "If we serve others, we win. If we are selfish, we lose." GREAT video, GREAT message, if adopted, GREAT results.
5 out of 5 people thought the following review was helpful:
    Rob Harris - Coastline Training and Development, Inc
Thought provoking. Learners can identify with the situations presented and make application to their own.
I am assuming the preview is the corporate version. It may be difficult to get learners from other industries
to make the application.
1 out of 1 people thought the following review was helpful:
    Petula McIntosh - Stewart Title
Excellent! "Keeping the Good Ones" is very well narrated, acted and held my attention for the total time it was on. It had all the makings of a hollywood production with much more information available. It seems to be perfect for training and covers many points. The narration is excellent and the acting deserves two thumbs up. I have just one more word to say about the video and it is "Wonderful".
    Meghan Wiley - Holiday Inn Express
All of the General Manager's in our hotel management company have read the book "From Good to Great". The Keeping the Good Ones video is a great tool to demonstrate the concepts from the book. The video follows the sames principles from the book and is a great resource to use to reinforce the book. Any managers/supervisors involved in hiring, training, and motivating employees would benefit greatly from Keeping the Good Ones Video and you will find your employees will be much happier and enjoy their jobs.
0 out of 3 people thought the following review was helpful:
    Kathleen Cannon-Siegle - Bitterrot Job service
"Keeping the Good Ones" is excellent and produced in a very realistic setting with believable characters. Both sides of the employer/employee dilemma is played out with a positive conclusion. Retaining employees in today's world is of paramount importance. The tools this film provides in educating the audience is priceless. Marvin's revelation to connect with employees on a personal level, invest time in them and show appreciation provides an atmosphere that employees will cherish. Grace's contributions, advice and opinions were a perfect balance to this "real life" business scenario. The professionalism with humor reflected in "Keeping the Good Ones" and length of this film (29 minutes) is a perfect investment opportunity for both management and staff trainings. It will be my pleasure to help promote this film.
    Dave Maxwell - TRAX International
Relevant and engaging personnel management training for senior supervisors and managers is hard to come by, and "Keeping the Good Ones" fills that gap. We can all relate to the main character's transition from clueless to trying too hard to achieving a final balance. The 10-Minute-Check-In was not especially well blended into the rest of the presentation, but we plan to make a virtue of necessity by using the abrupt introduction of that teaching point as a logical break point for discussion.
    Tracy Stone
The message is clear, maybe a little too rehearsed but effective. I will defintely put this to use in our training to managers here!
    Bill Nelson
This video provides a good lesson for employers who need help improving retention. In our current labor market, with a low unemployment rate and many jobs available, it is more important than ever to "Keep the Good Ones" and this video will help. This film is interesting and will keep the attention of the viewers. The key points were well supported. I believe this video will inspire employers to affect necessary changes in their organization. The story and acting was believable and sincere. We plan to purchase this tool immediately.
    Jennifer Hubbard
My team and I thought this was a really great video. For our values based culture where leaders live Kouze's and Posner's 5 leadership practices, this video helps to make real the idea of 'Encouraging the Heart' and suggests real, practical ways to bring that practice to life every day. In addition, the video illustrates the learning points succinctly and effectively - a must when training busy managers! This video will integrate nicely into our leadership development programming.
    Susi Zeal - Mngr. Recruiting Development & Training
Well acted and thought out. Nothing truly new but done in a way that makes the viewer think twice. Also, did a good job of showing how to change behavior when people are used to you acting a certain way. Only negative was that I kept wondering why the manager was gardening...thought the end would be about his new job as a greenhouse manager...maybe that was part of what kept me watching!