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Short Stories: Volume 2 with Dewitt Jones

These inspirational stories are designed to enhance your training sessions or group meetings. Each story is less than 5 minutes long, and provides the perfect vehicle to invite discussion and improve participation. Use these videos as stand-alone pieces, or in conjunction with a full training session. Each video offers an easy way to share an inspiring Dewitt Jones message with any gathering. 

The Set includes these stories:

  • Act As If 3:30 (Trusting Ourselves) - Energy and passion come when we take a task we are hesitant to do, and--putting mind over matter--act "as if" we are ready, willing and able to succeed.
  • Be Like a Sunset 2:05 (Attitude) Dewitt shares a beautiful story about the importance of always being, and doing your best.
  • Be Open to Possibilities 1:50 (Vision) - Addresses the importance of a vision and how it allows us to be open to new ideas.
  • Break the Pattern 2:00 (Change) - Shows that the key to solutions lies in the lens we use and the perspective we bring.
  • Dare to Dance 2:10 (Self-Awareness) - Keeping your attention on what’s right, not on what’s wrong, and then daring to be yourself.
  • Don't Be Afraid to Make Mistakes 2:00 (Overcoming Fear) - Teaches us how to learn from that a fear of making them doesn't hold us back.
  • Endless Possibilities 1:30 (Appreciation) - If I make a mistake, how do I turn a win/lose situation into a win/learn situation.
  • Our Journey Called Life 1:25 (Purpose) - Looking for purpose and meaning? Keep your vision clear, hold the focus, and work to make the vision a reality.
  • The Songbird 1:30 (Effort) - Explains that work that is worth falling in love with should be the kind that makes a big difference.
  • What is Creativity? 2:00 (Innovation) - Proves that creativity is not just about vision and’s about technique and perseverance as well.


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Short Stories: Volume 2 with Dewitt Jones
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