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Once & For All: Stopping Sexual Harassment at Work - 2020 Employee
Program length: eLEARNING - Total training time is under 50 minutes

Can any organization afford not to train?

OFA page stat_orangeWhether in a state with a sexual harassment prevention training mandate or not, reasons abound for organizations to train their employees. The costs of not training are just too high and often include:

  • Increased exposure to state fines and penalties for non-compliance
  • Loss of legal defenses should a claim be made
  • Negative impact on employee turnover and organizational culture
  • Destruction of company brand value
Together with Once & For All 2020 Manager training, this employee course enables your organization to meet even the most stringent sexual harassment prevention training requirements. It has been updated to reflect the 2020 Supreme Court ruling.

Worry-free sexual harassment prevention training is here.

With Once & For All, Media Partners provides a streamlined training solutionOFA stamp orange_small that reduces risk and costs while building a lasting culture of respect.

Compliance Guarantee - Vetted by one of the largest law firms in the U.S., the program is backed by a 200% compliance guarantee.

Long-term Focus - We protect your organization year-after-year by: 
  • continuously updating our program to reflect new or changing legislation
  • offering an Abridged Course and free resources that can be used for refresher training 
  • providing options for effective deployment organization-wide (e.g., Employee/Manager,    English/Spanish and State-specific versions)

Immediate Behavior Change - Once & For All covers complex legal concepts in engaging ways and moves employees to recognize illegal behaviors and either stop them or report the behavior to the appropriate company managers.

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Buy Now and Stop Worrying

Learners receive definitions of each type of harassment, see the impact each can have on individuals, understand why speaking up is so important, and get instruction on the best way to speak up. This includes:

2020 Emp LOs
• Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment

• Hostile Work Environment Sexual Harassment
• Other forms of Hostile Work Environment
(e.g., Third-party and When You're Not the Target)

Bystander Intervention
and Building a Culture of Respect are also covered.

• Robust, efficient eLearning
The eLearning course combines engaging video clips, knowledge checks, and a 5-question post-test. An employee should complete the course in 40-45 minutes.(Where applicable, state-specific course lengths comply with the unique timing requirements of the state.)  
If you need instructor-led or blended learning options, please see our Once & For All 2019 solution.

• Employee and Manager Versions
The 2020 Employee Version of Once & For All can be used in conjunction with the 2020 Manager Version for organization-wide training. Based on the same storylines, the Manager Version conveys key learning points especially for a manager and includes an additional module on how to handle a complaint.

• State Versions Canadian and International versions also available.

• Multi-state Programs
If your organization spans states with and without training mandates, we will work with you to ensure the most effective deployment possible. Many organizations in this situation train employees with state-version courses where needed, then use the 2020 Full or Abridged Employee Course for staff in states without mandates. 

• Abridged Course2020 OFA Abridged_small
Included with your eLearning subscription is this fast-paced, 8-minute micro-learning course designed to reinforce the content of the original program. Video clips and a handful of Knowledge Check questions test employees' retention and understanding of quid pro quo and hostile work environment sexual harassment, as well as what to do if they feel harassed. The Abridged Course is a great way to keep the commitment to a harassment-free workplace alive in year 2, or any time.  

• Support Materials (provided digitally)
Employee Guide -OFA Emp Guide A thorough resource for boosting retention of the learning points (State-specific versions available).

OFA Infographic_thumb2Infographic - Used as a poster or a job aid, this infographic is a great reminder of the different types of sexual harassment and best practice responses.

• Customized Training
The program is extremely flexible and can be tailored to your environment, such as insertion of an executive message, inclusion of your policies, and more.

• Most Popular Blog -  7 Tips for Overcoming Resistance to Sexual Harassment Training

SH eBook_cover-thumb-rev 2• eBook -
Our recent eBook makes the business case for why every organization should immediately undertake sexual harassment prevention training. Become your organization’s champion for this important education.

Languages Available:
2020 Employee Course -  English, Spanish (Sold Separately)
2020 Abridged Employee Course -  English, Spanish

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Aggregate pricing available when you purchase Once & For All 2020 Employee and Manager together. 

For more information on pricing and delivery options for Once & For All:


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Once & For All: Stopping Sexual Harassment at Work - 2020 Employee
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