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Sexual Harassment: A High Price to Pay
Program length: 37:00

Sexual harassment continues to take a heavy toll on society and business.

Surveys indicate three out of four women have been the victim of some form of sexual harassment. Left unchecked, sexual harassment can have devastating consequences to companies and individuals.

Sexual Harassment: A High Price to Pay is a two-part series that provides employees and management with a clear understanding of what legally constitutes sexual harassment; what to do if sexual harassment occurs; as well as the severe consequences if harassment is not dealt with swiftly and adequately.

Sexual Harassment: Employee Awareness - 18:00 minutes

The Sexual Harassment: Employee Awareness training is a compelling video that weaves together the dramatic story of one harassment case with expert interviews to create a captivating and memorable message that sexual harassment will no longer be tolerated. Designed to reinforce your organization's in-house policies, this program clearly demonstrates:

  • What sexual harassment is
  • The five main areas of sexual harassment as defined by law
  • Specific guidelines of appropriate work behavior
  • The repercussions of non-compliance

Sexual Harassment: A Management Briefing - 19:00 minutes

The informative Sexual Harassment: A Management Briefing training dramatically demonstrates how incidents of sexual harassment -- including poorly handled or unresolved complaints -- can translate into liability exposure and staggering monitory losses to the organization as well as to individual managers who fail to take immediate action.

Legal experts provide concise definitions of various forms of harassment and offer direction on "grey areas" such as office romances or off site events. To help resolve third party harassment by clients, vendors or business associates the training models a non-confrontational approach to resolving the issue.

In the event of a complaint, the training details the appropriate steps to take including suggested questions to be asked of the complainant and alleged harasser. Also included is a compliance package containing various forms and questionnaires needed during an investigation and the interviewing process.

Languages Available: English.

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Sexual Harassment: A High Price to Pay
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