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Subtle Sexual Harassment Series
Program length: 56:00

What one employee may consider sexual harassment, another may find perfectly acceptable. Both men and women can be and are victims of hostile work environments and subtle quid pro quo behavior. What can be done about it? The Subtle Sexual Harassment Series is comprised of two installments that illustrate:

  • the abuse of power in the workplace
  • personal relationships and dating between employees
  • peer pressure to conform to a work group's sexual values
  • the challenges facing women or men in non-traditional work environments
  • organizational liability in sex harassment cases
  • rumors as harassment
Subtle Sexual Harassment: The Issue is Respect - 28:00 Minutes

The first program tackles complex issues. The standards by which such behavior is measured are changing and what some consider acceptable interaction, others might interpret as harassment. Attorneys, psychologists, human resource professionals and a troupe of exceptional actors take us through the legal, psychological, cultural and moral issues.

Subtle Sexual Harassment: Management's New Responsibilities - 28:00 Minutes

The second program in the Subtle Sexual Harassment Series serves as an extension of the first program in both style and content. We examine the legal liability issues and questions of personal responsibility that managers and supervisors must face. We also explore how we can create a workplace free of sexual harassment, the elements of a good sexual harassment policy and how to handle complaints once they are received.

The Subtle Sexual Harassment Series is both versatile and comprehensive, offering 3 training options. Utilize this program as either a stand alone presentation of the videos, group viewing followed by discussion, or as a completely interactive course with exercises and discussion questions. Both segments are also available for individual purchase.

Languages Available (sold separately): English, Spanish


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Subtle Sexual Harassment Series
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