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Getting Real About Workplace Violence - Run|Hide|Fight Version
Run Hide Fight Training
Program length: Video: Awareness & Prevention + Response Videos 18 minutes; Manager Video 7 minutes eLearning: Main Course (Awareness & Prevention + Response) 25 minutes; Manager Module 10 minutes

Workplace Violence (WPV) training has become "must have" training in organizations today due to statistics like these*:

  • Over 2 million reports of workplace violence are filed by U.S. workers each year
  • 1.8 million workdays are lost to the workplace violence in the U.S. each year
  • 1 in 7 employees feels unsafe in the workplace

Developed by leading security and safety experts, Getting Real About Workplace Violence goes beyond "check the box" type workplace violence training. In this version, Dept. of Homeland Security's Run Hide Fight training terminology is combined with practical information on WPV awareness and prevention, helping to create a workplace where people are mindful, not fearful.  

The content is suitable for classroom-only, online, or blended learning and can be easily and effectively deployed organization-wide.

Effective WPV training requires that employees and managers be taught:

  • the many forms workplace violence can take
  • how to spot and report concerning behaviors
  • what to do in the event of an extreme violence situation

When done right, WPV training creates a culture where people look out for one another.

This program does all of the above with extra emphasis on awareness and prevention so that learners have the "mental categories" to spot changes in others that could indicate potential trouble and feel safe sharing those concerns.

Because Getting Real About Workplace Violence has an Awareness & Prevention module and a separate Response module, it can be integrated into any organization's WPV prevention plan, regardless of where you are in the process. Depending on your organizational priorities, you can choose to train on Response options first and then work on awareness and prevention, or start with awareness and build on that. 

Through 3 video segments, the program builds overall awareness while providing practical prevention steps and response strategies. A manager-specific module highlights the critical role managers play in identifying concerning behaviors and keeping potentially volatile situations from escalating. 

To preview each segment in its entirety (video or eLearning format), click on Free FULL Preview above.

  1. Getting Real About Workplace Violence: Awareness and Prevention (10 minutes) 
  2. Getting Real About Workplace Violence: Extreme Violence Response (8 minutes)
  3. Getting Real About Workplace Violence: Advanced Training for Managers (7 minutes)

Learning objectives include:
  • Understand that workplace violence goes beyond active shooters
  • Gain awareness of different types of potential threats
  • Identify early warning signs and know how to respond to concerning behaviors
  • Learn 3 response options if caught inside an act of extreme violence
    • Run
    • Hide
    • Fight

    Classroom Training Package:

  • DVD or USB with all 3 video segments 
  • Reproducible & Customizable Materials:
    • Course Outline
    • Leader's Guide
    • PowerPoint Presentation
    • Quick Reference Card
    • Sample Behaviors of Concern Handout


  • The Main Module is for employees at all levels and contains both the Awareness & Prevention and Response videos. Content review and knowledge check questions are provided at different stages.
  • The supplemental Manager Module presents the Advanced Training for Managers video along with review points and knowledge check questions.
  • Video host and content subject matter expert Jim Sporleder has more than 25 years' experience in the security industry. With a unique background in specialized captivity survival, Jim has trained thousands of U.S. military personnel from some of the most elite units in the U.S. Department of Defense. He served as President of The Center for Personal Protection and Safety from 2004 to 2015, where he spearheaded special program initiatives and was lead developer and project director for all media-based training. Recently, Jim and his team have developed customized WPV training solutions for several Fortune 1000 organizations.

    WPVtraining_graphic2Take a look at this WPV prevention infographic to see the powerful difference between trained and untrained employees.

    *Stats: OSHA; SHRM 2019


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