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Call of the Mummy
Program length: 19:00

When a customer calls and speaks to a CSR, there is a "Moment of Truth" during which the customer evaluates the company. It may be a subconscious mental rating or, after a few encounters, a deliberate one. Research has shown that:

Positive perceptions of an organization's service can offset negative perceptions of its products.

But, if the perception of customer service is poor, the customer will probably never change his or her negative assessment of the organization.

In today's competitive marketplace, when one bad experience can cause a customer to take their business to another company, it's crucial that every service opportunity, or "Moment of Truth," no matter how brief, makes a great impression. Call of the Mummy will aid your employees in recognizing that moment.

Using entertaining, engaging vignettes featuring CSRs in business, government and healthcare to illustrate the do's and don'ts of customer service on the phone, the Call of the Mummy can help your organization put its best foot forward.

Languages Available (sold separately): English, Bahasa Indonesia (subtitled), Chinese Traditional (subtitled)

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Honest opinions from the managers and employees who use our training products in the real world.
Call of the Mummy
reviewed by 3 people
    Trainer - Professional Trainer
This films offers a refreshingly creative approach to telephone customer service training, although the mummy theme was a bit overdone by the end of the film. The information is memorable, practical, and behavior-based.

  • Poor service scenarios are creative and amusing.
  • Film offers practical, easy-to-remember tips.
  • Film addresses realistic challenges telephone CSRs face every day.
  • Some solutions seem a bit too easy and idealistic.
    Debbie M. - Sales Training Manager
he program dealt with realistic situations a call center customer Service rep might experience. The solutions were somewhat 'easy', but for the most part, worked for illustrating the recommended behaviors.

There was humor without being over the top. The mummy costume was too cornball and not done well. The narrator would've worked better with more energy since it was a somewhat campy program.

The learning points are very appropriate and the actors (except the mummy) believable.
    Mischelle Walters - Corporate Trainer
This program hit all the keys points for our call center and really every call center. I absolutely love it! Sending the link to my managers so we can get this program in our call center! Thank you