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It's Your Call - Just a Call Away
Program length: 14:00

Part of the Just A Call Away Series on telephone skills.

Lena works as a customer service agent in a busy call center. When she receives her quota sheet for the month, she is horrified to see that the company wants her to keep up her number of calls while increasing the number of sales on a value-added package. From her point of view, she's already going as fast as she can.

To add to her frustration, the very next call is from a delightful old man who is completely inexperienced with using their service. He also believes that everyone must have plenty of time to listen to his stories.

Our story follows Lena as she finds ways to shave precious minutes off her call times, and increase her sales, without compromising service.

Participants will learn to:

  • Give the caller your full attention
  • Keep control with “back-on-track” questions
  • Listen for clues to cross-sell and up-sell
  • Use product knowledge to offer choices
  • Overcome objections

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Languages Available: English

Distributed by Media Partners/An Our Bizniss Production

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It's Your Call - Just a Call Away
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