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Communication in Healthcare
Program length: 20:00

In healthcare settings, miscommunication can have serious repercussions. Confused contexts, noisy rooms, or failure to ask for clarification can create peril for your patients, frustration and lost time for your staff.

Communication in Healthcare can help your team turn frustrating communications into successful ones each and every time. Combining humor and drama, this exciting, team-building DVD demonstrates:

  1. Dangers that arise when there is a discrepancy between what we mean to say and what others hear.
  2. How varied interpretations of a single word can trouble our ability to provide the best in patient care.
  3. The importance of precise communication, especially in a health care setting and the 5 critical steps for effective communication.
  4. How attending to the power of our words can prevent chaos and create a whole new level of care.

An incorrect billing code, confusion over a written medication prescription, an overheard conversation of a patient's supposed "status" all demonstrate how words can fail in a healthcare setting and the importance of clear communication.

When your profession is caring for the health of others, words truly become a lifeline. Let this video help your team!

Languages Available: English

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Communication in Healthcare
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    Trainer - Professional Trainer
This video clearly illustrates through a mix of drama and humor how important clear communication is -- especially in a healthcare setting -- and how easily miscommunications occur. In addition to specific scenes that support the learning points, a mystery is woven throughout, which will likely help maintain viewers' interest.

  • Interesting storyline and scenarios.
  • Clearly illustrates how easily miscommunications can occur and the potential consequences.
  • Impact on patients and patients' families is implied but never discussed.