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The InMotion Series
Program length: 10:00

Using stunning visuals and practical lessons, The InMotion Series is a set of five short programs which serve as a quick and easy way to improve any group gathering or team meeting while generating powerful and meaningful discussion. Each film offers action oriented steps that can be incorporated into everyday activities.

Penguins: Attitude in Motion is a 90 second clip which reminds us that by assuming the best, cultivating trust, and challenging negativity, we can accomplish great things. We can choose to be negative, or we can choose to make the best of our situation and be positive.

Nature: Creativity in Motion uses beautiful images and tranquil music to help us recognize that creativity is everywhere. We can use the natural world around us to open ourselves up to possibilities. That is if we are ready to change our world.

Balloons: Inclusiveness in Motion serves as a beautiful reminder that while every individual is unique and important, something magical happens when we include everyone and work together. This two-minute film offers a welcome message about honoring our differences as we work together to create amazing possibilities.

Space: Change in Motion reminds us that without change, there is no way to learn and grow, yet so many are resistant. What if instead of being afraid of change, we embraced it? This two-minute clip reminds us to explore what’s possible. By asking four simple questions, we can open up our minds and invite possibility.

Wonders: Vision in Motion is a beautiful short piece with inspiring imagery that provides us with a simple message - vision is what drives our dreams and turns our purpose into action. It also reminds us to be flexible with our visions, and as we change and grow, our visions should too.

Languages Available (sold separately): English


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The InMotion Series
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