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Mad About Customer Service
Program length: 15:00

In this program, an all-too-familiar story unfolds. Sharyn, Rick and baby Toby have flown half way across the country to attend a wedding the following day. When they arrive at the luggage carousel, Sharyn and Rick have a tired baby and frayed nerves but NO bags.

Michelle is the customer service representative who has the task of handling the problem - a tough job. Michelle wants to do the right thing. She’s enthusiastic and committed to her job. However when Michelle’s good intentions are misinterpreted, the situation escalates from bad to worse – everything from threats to bad language.

As Michelle masters some very valuable skills, she discovers that how she manages the situation is just as important as whether she actually solves the customer’s problem.

While watching Mad About Customer Service, viewers learn about:

  • Why Process is more important than Outcome
  • The Flag, Purpose and Permission technique
  • The world famous Pumpkin Method for handling abusive language
  • How to take responsibility and go the extra mile

Languages Available: English

Distributed by Media Partners/An Our Bizniss Production

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Mad About Customer Service
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