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Pickle Bundle
Program length: 51:00

Good things come in threes! If you thought that Give 'em the Pickle! was great on its own, just wait until you experience it bundled together with our two other pickle videos: What's Your Pickle? and Leadership Pickles! Together, these three videos are the perfect way to integrate the Pickle Principles into your organization. Soon, your whole team will be laughing their way to better service as they learn to take care of their customers.

And what makes this trio even more exciting? Buy all three today and you get 20% off the total purchase price!

GIVE `EM THE PICKLE!  This customer service video is our top selling program. It's loaded with humor, touching stories, fun graphics, and great music that all work together to deliver the powerful message: "take care of your customers." Bringing the enthusiasm and profound wisdom of Bob Farrell to your next meeting is a sure-fire way to transform your team into a bunch of pickle-givers!

THE LEADERSHIP PICKLES:  Your employees want and need certain things from you as their leader. If they get those things, those Leadership Pickles, they'll follow you and achieve great things. But if they don't get them, their belief and respect for you as a leader may begin to slip. Join Bob Farrell as he reveals how your leadership can model the pickle philosophy for your team. According to Bob, "Leaders are those who SERVE the people who SERVE the customer."

WHAT'S YOUR PICKLE?: This customer service video picks up right where Give 'em the Pickle! left off. This time, Bob Farrell is out on a road trip, collecting inspiring pickle stories from real-life companies, just like yours, which provide outstanding Customer Service. These fun-filled stories not only exemplify the pickle philosophy, they also add fresh new insight into how your own team can give ‘em the pickle.

Languages Available (sold separately): English, Spanish

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Honest opinions from the managers and employees who use our training products in the real world.
Pickle Bundle
reviewed by 6 people
    Darlene Temple - President, OnTrak Training Inc.
It is easy to see why 'Give 'em the Pickle!' is the number one training video. We routinely preview this film in our initial presentation to clients and it is a 100% sell! Everyone loves it! Bob Farrell's fundamental truth of being in business to take care of the customer' hits a chord with companies that may have lost sight of who really runs their business: the customer.
    Deb Sirman - Owner / Greenland Garden Centre
The Pickle video is one of our most effective tools to get the customer service message to our employees. We have over 150 employees, many are seasonal. If we cannot seem to make time for anything other than hands on training, the Pickle video is an excellent way to relay our expectations for customer service .It also gives us an opportunity to discuss how we can give pickles in our company. We have used it for years and will continue to do so, it's informative and entertaining!
    Grace Greenside - Harrison Hospital
I had first purchased the video, Give 'em the Pickle, which has now become part of our hospital culture. We show it to the leadership group and to frontline staff, because of it's easy to listen to and easy to understand message. Give'em the Pickle helps you to understand how to take care of the customer and create a base of customer loyalty through service recovery. 

When The Leadership Pickles came out, I jumped on it right away to preview it and it did not disappoint. It contained the same elements as Give 'em the Pickle: it's fun with its cartoonish elements, generates interest, and Mr. Farrell's charisma sparkles. (I would love to meet the man and order ice cream in his parlor.) 

My CEO had seen it and loved it. The Director of Education had seen it and thought it was elementary for our leadership team. But once I told her that it was not about giving a tool to managers to get things done, but about emphasizing how leaders throughout the organization from the CEO down to frontline staff can influence others through their enthusiasm, passion, courage to work together to achieve projects, goals, tasks, she changed her mind. 

We are planning to show this video, because we are in the midst of great change and we are working toward a new vision and creating a better work environment to achieve our business outcomes. We believe that there needs to be an emotional connection between management and frontline staff. The Leadership Pickles stresses servant leadership -how can I help you? How can I serve you? This is an important behavior to adopt if we are going to become a hospital where we are seen as a Health care provider of choice and an Employer of Choice. The Leadership Pickles does cover the basic things, but that is always the most difficult to achieve consistently day to day. We need constant reminders of them and this video in about 16 min does it very well.
    Jim Mena - Director of HR
This video is both humorous and hits home with vital principles that make this serious enough to take to heart. It moved me about the story of the dishwasher and how he accomplished a greater level of success with some encouragement and self confidence. I will obtain this material for our up and coming Mid-Year Strategic Meeting for June 2008.
    Fieuy Doral - Assistant Manager / Navy Federal Credit Union
When I first saw this video at a Leadership Conference, I immediately got hooked. This is a DVD that all leaders from different levels can relate to. Bob Ferrell is quite a man to deliver the message in such a way that is easy, fun and humorous, which in turn gets the audience engaged. This was a well put together DVD! It's so simple yet straight to the point. I highly recommend all leaders to watch this program.
    Kenneth Hull - UHS Hospitals
We use the "Give 'em the Pickle!" video for all new employees and they love it. This new video is a natural follow-up to it. the concepts are exactly what we are trying to instill in our 3400 healthcare employees. We will be purchasing it. Though I do training in healthcare, I strongly believe in generic examples that everyone can relate to and "What's Your Pickle?" fits the bill.