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Difficult People and Situations Series
Program length: 65:00

The Difficult People and Situations Series is a must for every business. With four dramatized case studies, this leadership skill straining will equip organizations with the tools required to handle any difficult scenario while growing successful, problem-solving teams.

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Leadership Sins – 22 Minutes

Leadership requires awareness, open communication and the ability to empower others.

Key learning points:

  • Open communication and listening
  • Giving feedback and managing upwards
  • Supervising to empower and motivate
  • Career goal discussions

Personality Clash – 14 Minutes

Learn how to open discussion where feedback is welcomed and differences open for discussion in order to build effective working relationships.

Key learning points:

  • Diversity and different work styles
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Resolving conflict
  • Open communication

Damage Control – 14 Minutes

Learn what to do when faced with an angry customer, a quality problem and a team who must learn from mistakes.

Key learning points:

  • Listen and apologize
  • Offer effective solution
  • Solve problem without blame
  • Continuous improvement for team

Bullying and Harassment – 15 Minutes

Bullying, harassment and especially sexual harassment is unacceptable in any workplace.

Key learning points:

  • Identify bullying behaviors
  • Recognize sexual harassment early
  • Discuss actions and consequences
  • Discuss prevention strategies

Skills for everyone in your team!

Dramatized case studies to help people manage difficult work situations, communicate effectively and create a positive team culture.

Languages Available (sold separately): English


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Difficult People and Situations Series
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