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Feedback Solutions Series
Program length: 65:00

Feedback Solutions is a 4-part, comprehensive training package designed to motivate people and provide them with the skills they need to give and receive feedback, improve morale, develop performance, build empowered teams and deliver quality service. With realistic scenarios, your employees will come to understand the basic principles of how to effectively give and receive feedback concerning job performance, behavior and suggestions as well as examples of specific behavioral skills for handling difficult feedback situations

This extensive video-based training package encourages the idea of a "feedback culture" within your organization - one in which giving and receiving feedback becomes part of normal day-to-day business. 


  • Improve Moral
  • Develop Performance
  • Build Empowered Teams
  • Deliver Quality Service

For more information regarding the individual titles of the Feedback Solution Series, please click on any one of the programs listed below:

Giving Feedback: Basic Skills – 15 Minutes

Feedback is no longer just the role of the manager. Make feedback an accepted part of daily business in your organization by making it everyone's responsibility.

Learn how to structure feedback to ensure that it is specific, balanced and timely. Learn about internal and external factors that create barriers to providing people with constructive feedback.

Giving Feedback: Advanced Skills – 21 Minutes

This video provides specific behavioral techniques for dealing with the four most common difficult situations encountered when giving feedback.

Viewers will learn about two-way feedback, contracting, linking feedback to specific goals, the importance of acknowledging emotions and dealing with disagreements.

Receiving Feedback: Basic Skills – 15 Minutes

People are often embarrassed when receiving positive feedback. They can also be fearful and defensive when faced with negative feedback.

This program will provide viewers with the knowledge and skills they need to receive and act upon constructive feedback from other people about their job performance, behavior, ideas and suggestions. In the end, the real purpose in seeking and receiving feedback is to increase job satisfaction and improve productivity.

Receiving Feedback: Advanced Skills – 14 Minutes

Not everyone is skilled at giving feedback. This places a greater emphasis on the "seeker" to handle the "giver" in a way that will give the "seeker" what he or she needs. In other words, people need to use techniques that will assist the "giver" of the feedback to do the job effectively.

This video outlines a variety of skills and techniques viewers can use to deal with difficult situations when receiving feedback.

Languages Available (sold separately): English


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Feedback Solutions Series
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