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Journey To Discovery
Program length: 14:00

Journey to Discovery is a lesson about how the ghosts of our past create both fear and guidance. Walking the cold streets of 19th century London, a distressed writer is under pressure to produce another novel and haunted by childhood memories. He is at a paralyzing impasse.

He comes across a boy with whom he begins to talk. The boy is working because his parents don't make enough money and, when asked for whom he works, the boy replies, '"for people like you". This chance encounter is transformative, inspiring our writer who gets back to his task with fervor. This is the true story of Charles Dickens and his classic, A Christmas Carol. It is an excellent example of how, when blocked, we tend to focus on the impasse itself, which hampers our ability to move forward.

A heartwarming tale, Journey to Discovery offers a look at how we can utilize our past and our vision of the future to get back in touch with who we are and our place in the world when faced with stressful change situations.

Journey to Discovery is part of Stephen Covey's Lessons in Leadership 4-Part Series Set. For more information on the complete series and other titles in the set, please click here.

Languages Available: English

Produced by FranklinCovey. Master-distributed by CRM Learning/Media Partners

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Journey To Discovery
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