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Ordinary People, Extraordinary Results
Program length: 7-9 Minutes Each

One person can enact big changes by influencing others to make small changes. This idea is exemplified in Ordinary People, Extraordinary Results: True Stories of Great Leadership. Included on this compilation are 4 separate videos that tell the true stories of average people whose actions made a tremendous impact in their organization - oftentimes in the face of trying circumstances.

Utilizing materials from the FranklinCovey leadership workshops, these stories have inspired thousands of leaders around the world to be an agent for change.

Trim Tab - A "trim tab" is a small rudder built into the big rudder of a ship, which makes it easier to change course. Trim Tab shows how management can be the catalyst for change. Madeline Cartwright, a school principal, exemplifies this important concept. After rolling up her sleeves and implementing small but symbolic solutions, she inspired staff, students, and parents to turn the school around.

A Legacy of Winning - Any coach of a college sports teams has limited time to inspire players for greatness.  Yet, Anson Dorrance, coach of UNC women's soccer, has done just that for nearly 30 years. See how Anson uses a blend of performance measurement, purposeful practice and personal encouragement to bring out the best in all his players. 

Store 334 - Proper management can drastically improve organizational results.  In this case study, manager Jim Dixon takes the worst-performing supermarket in the district—a  place where employees don’t want to work and customers don’t want to shop—and turns it into a revenue-producing success.  His secret: get each department to make one small improvement at a time.

Emma Brandon - Oftentimes, when employees get in a rut they begin to “go through the motions.” That’s what Emma Brandon found when she assumed supervision of a psychiatric facility. Rather than immediately instituting change, Emma took time to watch and understand what was going on, and why. As she involved employees (and patients) in decisions, held them accountable for results, and encouraged them to try new ideas--amazing successes were achieved.

Two Meeting Openers are also included: Your Best Moment on turning strategies into track-able goals; and Live Love Learn Legacy, inspirational thoughts for leaders; complete this powerful set.

NOTE: The 4 main videos may be purchased separately for streaming. Please call for pricing

Consultants: Per the producer's terms and conditions, you may only purchase this program for employee training within your own organization. For more information, please call us at 1-800-408-5657.

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Languages Available: English

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Ordinary People, Extraordinary Results
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