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Supervising Effectively
Program length: 09:00

Key Learning Points

  • DON’T: Be vague
  • INSTEAD: Use goals to achieve results
  • DON’T: Use fear tactics
  • INSTEAD: Listen and be supportive
  • DON’T: Give poor feedback
  • INSTEAD: Acknowledge good work
  • DON’T: Have inappropriate discussions
  • INSTEAD: Focus on building skills


Supervision mistakes are being made - Marcus is vague, Carol bullies and gives poor feedback and Serena makes the fatal mistake of starting an inappropriate discussion with Carol because she is attracted to a client. Effective supervision skills are shown and include using goals to achieve results and measuring the success, listening and supporting staff, acknowledging good work and focusing on building skills.

Supervising Effectively explores mistakes supervisors often make and the skills needed for supervising effectively.

  • Mistake 1. Being Vague. Marcus’ management style is vague and unclear.
  • Skill 1. Use Goals to Achieve Results.  Serena uses goals and actions and measures results. 
  • Mistake 2. Using Fear Tactics. Carol bullies and blames, making it difficult to work with her.
  • Skill 2. Listen and Be Supportive. Marcus is an empathic supervisor who is easy to talk to.
  • Mistake 3. Giving Poor Feedback.  Carol blunt, often critical without being constructive.
  • Skill 3. Acknowledge Good Work.  Serena, Alex and Sam provide explanations.
  • Mistake 4. Having Inappropriate Discussions.  Serena divulges to Carol her personal feelings about a client during an office meeting.  
  • Skill 4. Focus on Building Skills. Good supervisors build strengths and encourage team members to improve on their weaknesses.

Cutting Edge Communication training videos are designed to provoke discussion and response. Contemporary, fast paced, short, character driven, sitcom-style comedies, these courses take an innovative approach to reaching today's learners. Through laughter, discussion and reaction, we can all develop a more transparent and shared vision of how we wish to behave, how we manage ourselves, and how we cooperate with others.

While some find them insensitive or even outrageous, the vast majority of viewers and participants have found them to be refreshing, stimulating and ideal for injecting energy and enthusiasm back into learning.

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Supervising Effectively
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