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The Covey Leadership Library
Program length: 105:00

Each with an introduction and summarizing insights by Dr. Stephen R. Covey, The Covey Leadership Library consists of the following five programs (For more information on each individual installment, click the LEARN MORE… following each description):

I Know Just What You Mean: Overcoming Roadblocks to Effective Communication (20 minutes) explores the difference between listening with the intent to respond and listening with the intent to understand. It underscores the vital importance of diagnosing needs before prescribing solutions. LEARN MORE…

Leading By Example: Mentoring and Coaching for Effective Leadership (23 minutes) illustrates the difference a mentor and coach can make. Through the dramatic story of Anne Sullivan and Helen Keller, it teaches leaders to identify ways in which they can be more effective models. LEARN MORE…

Mauritius: Celebrating Differences (20 Minutes), a documentary style program, offers timeless insights designed to create an environment where people subordinate "mine" to "ours", and "now" to "the future", by recognizing the power of diversity. LEARN MORE…

Max & Max: Unleashing Potential in People…and Dogs (20 minutes) is designed to increase leaders' awareness of the waste of human potential within organizations, and to help create a culture that fosters independent initiative, creativity, and resourcefulness. LEARN MORE…

Tearing Down Walls: Managing Change and Dismantling Barriers (22 minutes) uses the Berlin Wall as a metaphor for the barriers that exist between individuals, teams, departments, or even between an organization and its customers by eliminating miscommunication, distrust, and stereotyping. LEARN MORE…

The Covey Leadership Library lessons will serve your organization well and delivers a well-rounded training on diversity, communication, coaching and mentoring, employee empowerment, and breaking through barriers to effectiveness. Each installment is an excellent stand-alone program or when used together comprises a comprehensive multi-session, leadership training program.

Languages Available: English

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The Covey Leadership Library
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