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Fairness Factor Series
Program length: 60:00 total running time

The Fairness Factor Series will help minimize potential legal liability, sharpen managerial skills and ensure managers and supervisors apply best practices when interviewing, evaluating performance, and when terminating employment. Managers will learn what to say and when to say during each of these vital business functions.

  • "Am I basing decisions solely on business-related criteria?"
  • "Am I treating individuals consistently?"
  • "Am I following organizational policy?"
  • "Am I communicating accurately and honestly?"
  • "Should I consult with a human resources or legal expert?"
  • …and more!

How to Recruit, Interview and Hire to Maximize Effectiveness and Minimize Legal Liability 

Learn the eight steps in hiring, from defining the position to background checking to making an offer. It also addresses the role of orientation in the new employee's future success. This program shows how, when seeking and hiring new personnel, the promise of new talent and skills can be overshadowed by potential charges of bias and discrimination. This video training solves this common dilemma with humor and solid advice. (20 minutes)

How to Manage Performance and Discipline to Maximize Productivity and Minimize Legal Liability 

If the thought of conducting performance reviews or disciplinary sessions makes your managers nervous, this video training simply specifies each step they need to take to manage these encounters fairly and constructively - from thorough preparation and the meeting itself, to adequate documentation and the all-important follow-up. Observe four straightforward steps that make evaluations and (disciplinary sessions) constructive and fair. Participants will learn that regularly scheduled reviews can circumvent the need for disciplinary action and greatly empower both your managers and the employees they manage. (20 minutes)

How to Manage Employee Termination to Minimize Legal Liability 

When faced with either a termination or a resignation, it is imperative that managers follow set guidelines and carefully document what is said and done. Doing so not only protects against litigation, it can actually provide invaluable insights into how to improve your organization. This program lays out  these guidelines, dramatizes legal ramifications, and stresses the often-overlooked importance of exit interviews. See how to get the most out of exit interviews to yield valuable information and handle all terminations legally to prevent future litigation. (20 minutes)

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Languages Available: English

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Fairness Factor Series
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