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Insights and Strategies Series
Program length: 808:00

Become more informed and learn how CEOs, leading academics and practitioners have handled problems and challenges. Learn from their strategies and develop your team with these programs; an ideal library of titles for staff, executives and even the most senior people in your business. Encourage your people to browse and use these titles to enrich their working knowledge, or target specific titles for developing and sharpening skills during a change, a crisis, a leadership development program or to ensure best practice.

Explore each title from the Insights and Strategies Series where experts and business leaders who have learned powerful lessons share their experiences and expertise to help viewers achieve best practice. 

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Business Success and Profit

Eight practical videos filled with useful tips for accelerating business growth and improving return on investment (ROI).

Crisis Management Mastery

Five powerful videos for any business to employ when developing their crisis management strategy.

Marketing, Brand and Reputation

Six inspiring videos with up-to-date strategic advice on brand, reputation and marketing.

Career Success Strategy

Three excellent videos packed with practical advice and strategies to help anyone wanting to boost their career and improve their chances of success.

HR Strategy and Management

Eight pragmatic videos providing HR practitioners with useful advice and proven, real-world strategies.

Recruiting and Developing High Achievers

Three no-nonsense HR specific videos devoted to recruiting and staffing superstars as well as how to develop hires into top-end talent.

Managing People Problems

Eight constructive programs designed to assist leaders and HR staff in tackling the tough people issues.

Influencing and Sales Skills

Four informative videos loaded with useful strategies for people who serve, sell, lobby or influence.

Legal Issues at Work

Four specialized interviews providing useful guidelines for every organization with legal concerns and obligations.

Powerful Leaders & Positive Culture

Eight insightful videos which can be implemented to inspire leaders to achieve best practice when working with and developing their people and organizational culture.

Personal Presentation Strategy

Four helpful videos to encourage people to consider new ways to develop their presentation style, build confidence, and achieve success.

The 61 powerful, fresh videos that make up the entirety of the Insights and Strategies Series feature Eve Ash, Psychologist and Founder of Seven Dimensions, interviewing leading business experts from a wide range of fields. Each program is divided into mini programs of 1-3 minutes, and each can also function as a standalone for varying applications in workshops, meetings and coaching sessions. The programs are available as DVDs or video streaming can even be used as audios within a business.

Languages Available (sold separately): English


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Insights and Strategies Series
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