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Sound Of Service Meeting Opener and Closer
Program length: 04:00

Motivate your frontline customer service providers with the words customers love to hear. Sound of Service is a 2-part compilation of words and images set to inspiring music:

  • Opens sessions in style with a profound message on service
  • Motivates people to learn and think about their own service delivery
  • Reviews the basics of good service with easy to use concepts

The Meeting Opener segment sets the stage for customer service training by reminding trainees that "customers are not an interruption to what we're doing, they are the purpose of our work". (2 minutes)

The Meeting Closer segment contains service basic skill points trainees can put to use right away. (2 minutes)

  • S = Serve -- meet the customers wants and needs
  • E = Excel -- give the customer exceptional value
  • R = Reliable -- provide consistent &trustworthy service
  • V = Versatile -- stay open to the customer's needs
  • I = Inviting -- ensure the customer feels welcome
  • C = Courteous -- show respect by being considerate
  • E = Empathy -- value the customer's viewpoint

Languages Available: English

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Sound Of Service Meeting Opener and Closer
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