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Free Radicals of Innovation
Program length: 71:00

Anyone can learn to innovate. Free Radicals of Innovation shows you how.

In the nine distinct chapters that make up the Free Radicals of Innovation training, you will learn how to use creativity and innovation to find solutions for challenges within organizations, families, and communities.

Most people appreciate innovation's benefits, but few actively pursue it because of a fear of failure. Why? Because people are afraid of change. However, danger and failure can act as a catalyst for innovation - spawning adventure, exploration, and fun! Laughter is often the sound of innovation being born.

Free Radicals of Innovation will help you become more comfortable with risk and teach you tools and techniques to create new solutions.

The 9 Free Radicals of Innovation Chapters Are:

  • Innovate or Die (4 minutes)
  • Understanding 6P Innovation (8 minutes)
  • Overcoming Fear & Managing Risk (5 minutes)
  • Preparing Your Mind (11 minutes)
  • Building An Innovation Toolbox (15 minutes)
  • Inventing the Future (7 minutes)
  • Creating a Culture of Innovation (9 minutes)
  • Collaborating: Leveraging Diversity (7 minutes)
  • What's Your Problem (5 minutes)

Languages Available (sold separately): English


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Free Radicals of Innovation
reviewed by 1 people
    Trainer - Professional Trainer
Anyone can learn to inovate. All it takes is a commitment to broaden your thinking and a culture that supports and welcomes innvovation. That's the message of this thought-provoking program. I liked the wisdom of the innovators who are interviewed, the quotes of innovators throughout history, and current examples of innovation and change. And, while it's clear that innovation is critical to success, the program is long and the message sometimes gets lost if watched linearly. That said, however, the program can be easily and seamlessly customized.

  • Program is set up so that bits & pieces can be taken and dropped into your own presentation for a seamless customized version of the program
  • Highlights current examples of innovation that have changed the way we do things
  • 6 Ps clearly define what innovation means
  • Program watched in its entirety is too long