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Achieving SMART Goals
Program length: 09:00

Key Learning Points

  • DON'T: Be vague about your goals
  • INSTEAD: Set specific measurable goals
  • DON'T: Tackle unrealistic goals
  • INSTEAD: Set achievable, relevant goals
  • DON'T: Be lazy about when
  • INSTEAD: Commit to a timeframe
  • DON'T: Give up easily
  • INSTEAD: Persist and ask for help

Achieving SMART Goals defines the SMART formula for achieving goals.

  • [S] - Specific
  • [M] - Measurable
  • [A] - Achievable
  • [R] - Relevant
  • [T] – Timeframe


Carol says she is successful because she constantly sets herself daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals. She distinguishes between short-term and longer-term goals and introduces the team to the goal acronym: SMART. Sam says S is for Specific – goals should not be vague (such as aiming to be better) – and offers WH questions: “What do I want?, Why do I want it? And What steps will I take to get there?” Steve adds that people should also ask “Who do I need to help me get there?” and “When will this happen?”

Goals also need to be Measureable and Achievable. Goals must be Relevant and achieved within a Timeframe. Carol invites the team to set themselves a SMART goal. She introduces them to PEA: Persist, Evaluate and Ask. A mentor can be instrumental in achieving goals; one should ask for help.

Cutting Edge Communication training videos are designed to provoke discussion and response. Contemporary, fast paced, short, character driven, sitcom-style comedies, these courses take an innovative approach to reaching today's learners. Through laughter, discussion and reaction, we can all develop a more transparent and shared vision of how we wish to behave, how we manage ourselves, and how we cooperate with others.

While some find them insensitive or even outrageous, the vast majority of viewers and participants have found them to be refreshing, stimulating and ideal for injecting energy and enthusiasm back into learning.

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Achieving SMART Goals
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