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Program length: 62:00

Sexual harassment at work is more than a legal issue, it's fundamentally a behavioral problem. PATTERNS takes on the behavioral challenge, arming employees and managers with the information they need to prevent, and effectively respond to incidents of sexual harassment.

Through a series of short dramatizations, this series describes common patterns of illegal or inappropriate behavior at work and how best to respond. We see examples of the habitual harasser, the smitten harasser, the bully and the jilted harasser among others. Lawyers and HR professionals review each situation and present positive alternatives to the actions seen.

Program I: Preventing Sexual Harassment - 24:00 minutes

The Preventing Sexual Harassment training video looks at four common patterns of inappropriate behavior - the habitual harasser, the smitten harasser, the bully and the jilted harasser. How we respond to harassment will be most effective when we recognize why the behavior is occurring. This program arms employees with information and insights to help them determine the best way to get the behavior to stop. A series of dramatizations brings each pattern to life.

Program II: Responding to Sexual Harassment - 22:00 minutes

The Responding to Sexual Harassment training video, is an extension of the first program in both style and content, and we recommend that managers view both parts of the series. Program 2 examines the legal liability issues and questions of personal responsibility that managers and supervisors must face. Using dramatizations, different patterns of how managers often respond to sexual harassment incidents are explored, including the ostrich, the chameleon, the wounded tiger and the mother hen. This program is finished with a discussion from the experts on how incidents should be investigated and best resolved.

Program III: Rights & Responsibilities - 10:00 minutes

The Rights & Responsibilities training video, is a brief introduction to the issue of sexual harassment prevention. Intended for new employees, this orientation program describes what sexual harassment is, how it is damaging to the person being harassed, the harasser, the workgroup and the organization, and what an employee's rights and responsibilities are in this area.

Languages Available (sold separately): English


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