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Twelve Angry Men: Teams That Don't Quit
Program length: 25:00

This recently updated film has reinvigorated this age-old classic. Twelve Angry Men examines 5 key factors that are essential for group success. Retaining the same narration from Dr. Margaret Wheatley, this updated version utilizes photo examples to draw comparisons between the film's courtroom scenes and normal organizational meetings. Additional footage has also been included.

The 4 shorter
modules have been edited to focus specifically on the points each module illustrates. In addition, scenarios are interspersed in each segment to connect the jury and organizational situations together.

  1. We Need To Talk! - This module sets the plot of the jury having to decide innocence or guilt. It also presents 5 key concepts that prompt teams to have the kinds of discussions that lead to effective and fair decisions.
  2. The Different Kind of Leadership - Focuses on the leader's role in encouraging team members to be actively involved in the conversation--fearlessly expressing their views without imposing their beliefs onto others. Viewers are reminded to keep their minds open and avoid settling for easy answers.
  3. The Decision-Making Environment - Emphasizes the need to adopt the assumption of equality, which promotes the right of every participant to be respected for their opinion and allowed to express it. This is a critical attitude for being able to move toward a positive result.
  4. Diversity and Inclusion - Highlights 4 key points that focus on how individual group member backgrounds bring a variety of perspectives to the issue and/or the problem the group is attempting to solve.

This newly updated version allows teams and team leaders to experience the original form of the video in an updated version and/or focus on the individual learning points from the program. 
The film presents a vivid example of a team fighting its way to success. In scene after scene, Dr. Wheatley shows us the parallels between the drama we see on screen, and behaviors familiar to all work groups.

This is a dynamic and engaging look at how to create effective teams through the lens of a classic movie. The DVD comes with the full program and 4 shorter segments that allow you to fine tune your training!

Languages Available (sold separately): English


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Twelve Angry Men: Teams That Don't Quit
reviewed by 1 people
    Trainer - Professional Trainer
This film, interspersed with clips from the classic movie, Twelve Angry Men, starring Henry Fonda, offers a fascinating study of team dynamics. It offers insight into team decision-making and the conflict that often arises during such a process. While all work groups will benefit from the film's message, committees or teams facing a tough decision will find it particularly valuable. It kept my interest from start to finish.

  • Movie clips add interest and support learning points.
  • Narrator is sincere and believable.
  • The summary would have been stronger if an actual work group, in a work setting, was illustrated demonstrating the behaviors discussed in the film.