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VIOLENCE: The Risk From Within
Program length: 24:00

Workplace stress doesn't have to culminate in employee violence.

Open channels of communication provide outlets for employees to express their personal and professional frustrations. Knowing how, when, and with whom to open those channels is the subject of VIOLENCE: The Risk From Within.

Even trained professionals can't reliably predict a person's capacity for violence. But managers can learn to observe the telling signs of excessive stress that might be red flags pointing to more dangerous behavior to come.

It is every manager's job to understand their role in managing the potential for violence in the workplace. VIOLENCE: The Risk From Within is a workplace violence and harassment training DVD in which experts in risk management and human psychology offer practical advice to help managers.

Languages Available: English

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VIOLENCE: The Risk From Within
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    Trainer - Professional Trainer
We live in a violent world and although we'd like to believe something violent will never happen at our places of work, equipping your managers with skills to handle, or help avert, such incidents is a responsible thing to do. The professional and no-nonsense approach of the experts in this film keeps emotion out of the topic as they offer practical advice for dealing with potentially volatile employees and aggressive or potentially violent behavior.

  • The film offers practical advice for managing the potential for violence in today's workplace and does so without sensationalizing the topic.
  • Experts come across as knowledgeable and believable.
  • Film doesn't acknowledge that skills discussed have benefits that reach beyond managing potential violence in the workplace.