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Wealth, Innovation and Diversity
Program length: 31:00

The Wealth, Innovation, and Diversity training contends that without diversity, there can be no innovation; without innovation, there can be no new wealth; therefore diversity is the key to creating wealth and success for all. Hosted by futurist Joel Barker, this inspirational program takes you to such places as the Machu Picchu ruins, Ireland and Singapore to help illustrate this fundamental truth.

Wealth, Innovation, and Diversity with Joel Barker, contends that your organization will experience long-lasting success only when you hire, promote and encourage diverse people and their ideas.

Lessons are taught in various locales including Machu Picchu's ruins, a farm in Ireland, skyscrapers in Singapore, and the forests and plains of America. Drawing from history and science, Wealth, Innovation, and Diversity shares compelling stories, making all viewers feel comfortable discussing the many dimensions of diversity.

Wealth, Innovation, and Diversity teaches that diversity gives organizations long-term vigor and the ability to survive large-scale trauma. It enables them to dramatically increase the number of options available for problem solving.

Languages Available (sold separately): English


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Honest opinions from the managers and employees who use our training products in the real world.
Wealth, Innovation and Diversity
reviewed by 2 people
    Trainer - Professional Trainer
Academia or some top-level execs of an organization may be able to sit through this film and cultivate a broad view about the connection between diversity and success. The average manager, however, will likely be bored with the lecture style and will struggle to find workplace relevancy in a film that shows us the world, but offers only one real workplace example of diversity and success.

  • Visually appealing -- Joel Barker speaks to us from locations around the world.
  • Offers broad perspective of the connections between diversity, innovation, wealth and success.
  • Except for the Ford example, the film doesn't transfer the learning points to the workplace.
  • Lecture style makes the film feel much longer than it is.
    Adrienne White - Corporate Trainer
I believe that this video has great scenery and dialog. However, it does not present diversity consciousness for use in college. GREAT for the workplace. Students need to understand the value of diversity, awareness of diversity and diversity skills to navigate campus life, work life and globalization. I thank you for the preview of this video.