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The Communication Toolkit
Program length: 70:00 total running time

Many trainers like to create their own courses and have video examples on hand to help make their point. Designed for maximum flexibility, The Communication Toolkit provides you with 52 video vignettes that depict a wide spectrum of common workplace interactions. 

The video clips fall into the following skill categories:

  1. Speaking Clearly
  2. Active Listening
  3. Nonverbal Communication
  4. Conflict & Difficult Conversations
  5. Group Communication
  6. Presentation Skills

Each clip is provided in two formats:
  • With narration and onscreen graphics to set up the scene
  • Without any set-up narration and graphics.
The Leader's Guide contains direction for using each clip:
  • Primary and secondary skills that can be taught using the clip
  • Suggested training applications
  • Background information relevant to the clip
  • Suggested Discussion Questions along with possible responses
  • Key points to draw from the clip
  • Ideas for following up on training conducted
  • Suggestions for using the clip in conjunction with other clips in the Toolkit
  • Reference tables that help you select clips by skill (such as Listening) or application (such as Supervisor-to-Subordinate communication)

Also Available:
The Customer Service Toolkit
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The Accountability Toolkit

Languages Available: English

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The Communication Toolkit
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