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Compliance is Just the Beginning
Program length: 56:00

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How do you make better ethical decisions at work?

Simply because a particular choice may be legal it doesn't always necessarily make it right. Seeing legal compliance as the goal of ethics rather than the starting point can lead to poor decision making with disastrous consequences for the individuals involved and their organizations.

Compliance is essential, but it's not enough.

Compliance is Just the Beginning: 3 Steps to Ethical Decisions - 24:00 minutes

3 Steps to Ethical Decisions introduces the process of ethics compliance. We hear from a former Enron executive as well as six ethics experts who discuss the pressures people can feel that may lead them to make poor decisions. We explore the importance of being aware of our core values as well as the standards of behavior expected by our organizations and our communities. Most importantly, we learn the 3 steps we can each take when faced with a tough ethical choice to help us make the best possible decision.

Compliance is Just the Beginning: Ethical Situations to Consider - 32:00 minutes

Ethical Situations to Consider presents us with 8 dramatized scenarios. These stories represent familiar ethical issues most of us will face at some time. By discussing these situations and applying the 3 Steps process in each case, employees gain valuable practice and reinforcement.

Languages Available (sold separately): English, Spanish


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Compliance is Just the Beginning
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