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The Conflict Resolution Package
Program length: 40:00

The Unified Team training offers sound, practical advice on:

  • How to stop backstabbing and blaming
  • How to establish a Team Member's Bill of Rights
  • How to help a team member deal with personality conflicts
  • How to help a team member deal with teasing
  • How to stop a feud
  • How to mediate an open dispute
  • How to focus the team on a common goal
  • How to celebrate success

In This Together -- 18:00 minutes

The In This Together training is an engaging survey for team members on the issues of harassment and respect in the workplace.  It encourages discussion and poses questions like:

  • When is being in a bad mood disrespect?
  • What is the fastest way to stop gossip?
  • When does self-expression become offensive language?
  • When are discussions of sex, politics and religion okay at work?
  • What are the guidelines for sexual attraction at work?
  • When is lack of follow-through disrespect?
  • When is teasing illegal?

Languages Available (sold separately): English

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Honest opinions from the managers and employees who use our training products in the real world.
The Conflict Resolution Package
reviewed by 4 people
    Susan Patton - Healthcare
I recently transferred within a large healthcare Corp. in Boston and viewed this program as part of my orientation. I found it very effective, especially being in a position of management. I came home and told my husband about this video, IN THIS TOGETHER. He is an administrator for another heathcare company and immediately ordered it for his entire work force as a refresher.
    Judith Henry - NIACC
IN THIS TOGETHER is one of the better videos I have previewed. It meets most of my expectations. Each person has their own idea of what harassment is. I feel this video could be improved by showing examples of verbal harassment and how conflict resolution can be misinterpreted. But I would still use and recommend this program.
    Carol Burrowbridge - University of Florida
The Unified Team is very polished and well paced. An excellent resource that I would highly recommend. Too expensive for my small group, but would consider it if I was training a larger numbers.
    Carles Sans - UPF
The Unified Team is very clear and entertaining.  Easy to understand and remeber as well.  It was also fun and kept my interest.  I will recomment to other people that I know.