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Hire For Attitude
Program length: 20:00

Hiring the right employee can sometimes be like winning the lottery. It's hard to know who will be a good fit until they've been working at the company for a while. A manager needs criteria they can depend on when the choice isn't solely based on job skills.

With examples and strategies for selecting the best employees, Hire For Attitude can make the most challenging part of the job a bit more systematic. This comprehensive DVD training will teach that while job aptitude is very important in evaluating new recruits, attitude must ALWAYS be considered; one bad attitude can have disastrous consequences to reduced morale or even lowered productivity.

Hire for Attitude suggests hiring someone who possesses adequate skills and job know-how is not the same as choosing a capable person with the right attitude. With less people doing more work in today’s job market, companies cannot afford costly hiring mistakes and the resulting turnover. Finding the right person then, who combines skill with a winning mind-set, needs to be a top priority.

In Hire for Attitude, a newly promoted manager needs to quickly hire a replacement for himself. Fortunately he receives valuable advice from a fellow employee that ultimately guides him through the hiring process, from planning through interviewing and evaluation. Follow along with him as he discovers why it’s worth placing a premium on the right attitude and learn what it takes to determine which attitude, is the right one.

Hire for Attitude will show you how to hire the best people for your organization!

Languages Available (sold separately): English, Spanish


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Hire For Attitude
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