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Time: The Next Dimension of Quality
Program length: 18:00

Only 25% of the time spent in any given process adds value to your product or service That is the contention made by experts John Guaspari and Edward Hay in Time: The Next Dimension of Quality. They go on to present a simple but effective method for reducing time spent on things that have no value in the eyes of the customer.

Through a dramatized example of a work process that is laden with unnecessary time and effort, the video shows viewers how to use a Value-Added-Flow Analysis (VAFA) to identify which steps add value and which do not.

Once the non-value-added time is removed or reduced, this process will focus the efforts of your managers and employees to deliver products and services to the customer faster, achieve higher levels of quality and put your organization so far ahead of your competitors they may never catch up.

Participants will learn to:

  • Identify opportunities and benefits of time as a dimension of quality for the organization.
  • Conduct a value-added flow analysis to identify activities in a process.
  • Apply the three criteria for determining if an activity adds value.

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Languages Available (sold separately): English, Spanish (dubbed), Japanese (subtitled)

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Time: The Next Dimension of Quality
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