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The New Business of Paradigms - Second Edition
Program length: 18:00

Paradigms can be useful tools. Paradigms can help us navigate our day-to-day lives and make sense of the data and information that can overload us on a daily basis. In any organization, paradigms help leaders determine goals based on past experience and an understanding of what is likely to happen in the future. But what can we do when unexpected opportunities or unforeseen challenges arise? Can assumptions or perceptions shared by individuals within the organization prevent them from embracing a new paradigm or solving problems creatively?

Yes. Paradigms inhibit our ability to innovate and create if we don't look at the larger picture and ask questions. Through stories and examples Joel Barker demonstrates how thinking differently is necessary for us to identify new ideas and opportunities. Challenging accepted paradigms requires detachment from prevailing wisdom, courage to challenge conventional thinking, and the skills to follow through with out-of-the-box thinking. From this, individuals help organizations establish new paradigms that lead to new products and processes that attain the goals they've set out to achieve.

Key Learning Points presented in The New Business of Paradigms:

  • Paradigms are common
  • Paradigms are useful
  • Don't let your paradigm become “the” paradigm
  • Outsiders bring in new paradigms
  • Shifting paradigms takes courage
  • You can choose to change your paradigm

By taking a new look at a timeless message, this fast- moving, visually stunning program will engage the viewer while helping them develop the skills needed to anticipate, understand, and take advantage of change. As an added bonus, Joel Barker shares six additional stories to supplement the learning in the main program.

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Languages Available (sold separately): Cantonese, English, Spanish, Traditional Chinese (subtitle)


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Honest opinions from the managers and employees who use our training products in the real world.
The New Business of Paradigms - Second Edition
reviewed by 2 people
    Trainer - Professional Trainer
If, like me, a discussion about paradigms and change are enough to make you yawn, you will be pleasantly surprised by The New Business of Paradigms. This is an outstanding video. Joel Barker has updated his classic program about paradigms and our innate resistance to change to wow and inspire another generation of viewers. Using memorable business examples, he does a great job of explaining why paradigm shifts are necessary for success in business.

  • Simple and straight forward discussion about paradigms and the necessity for a shift in the way we think.
  • Memorable, relevant, and thought-provoking business examples support the learning points.
  • Interactive exercise captures viewers' attention and creates buy-in.
  • Classic edition and 21st Century edition ensure the presentation of the topic meets employees' needs.
    Elle Isa
The New Business of Paradigms Video (which includes the Classic Edition and shorter 21st Century) is an excellent tool to help any organization or individual employee to see the value of letting go of the resistance to change. Joel Barker offers concrete examples of companies and industries that have succeeded (and some who failed) in getting outside of the box to discover a new paradigm and achieve great success. I strongly recommend this video for any organization that is dealing with change, seeking innovation, or desiring a new approach to problem-solving.