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Dealing With Conflict - Healthcare Version
Program length: 20:00

Dealing with Conflict Healthcare Version offers proven methods for recognizing and resolving conflict. While the skills and insights presented in this training program will enhance your ability to resolve conflict, the information presented is designed for employees to work through conflicts themselves, with less dependence upon their supervisors or managers.

Based on the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument, this compelling conflict resolution training shines a spotlight on how to resolve conflict in the Healthcare Industry. Dramatizing three scenarios in healthcare, personal and business office settings that highlight the five positions taken by most people during contentious situations: Avoiding, Accommodating, Competing, Compromising and Collaborating.

Your staff will learn:

  • Different positions people take
  • Choices available during conflict
  • Practical skills to achieve positive results
  • Constructive outcomes versus a destructive outcomes

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Languages Available: English

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Honest opinions from the managers and employees who use our training products in the real world.
Dealing With Conflict - Healthcare Version
reviewed by 1 people
    Trainer - Professional Trainer
This film offers a lot of good information about dealing with conflict. I particularly like the explanation of how to strike a balance between assertiveness and accomodation to arrive at collaboration and compromise. Although the scenarios of conflict added interest, the film didn't hold my attention for the full 20 minutes.

  • The film illustrates that good conflict resolution skills are beneficial at work and at home.
  • We watched the scenarios progress from conflict to compromise or collaboration to resolution.
  • Information is dry.