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Cutting Edge Success at Work Series
Program length: 116:00

Often the transition from a campus lifestyle to the working world can be a difficult one. As these “new starters” pepper the ranks of your organization in this day of high turnover where over 90% of Millennials expect to stay at a job for less than three years, it’s up, to today’s forward thinking companies to start them on the right foot.  The Cutting Edge crew is back in the Success at Work Series with 10 fresh videos to demonstrate essential employability skills Millennials can use to achieve success at your organization and wherever their future endeavors may take them.

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Success at Work Series Synopsis and Learning Points

Two new interns arrive at Cutting Edge but not everything goes smoothly. Tatiana speaks five languages but must change her negative thinking. Dion is the overconfident smart-talking nephew of the boss.

Participants will watch as these former students learn from their mistakes while gaining an edge to succeed along the way. Lessons are engineered for viewers to see a clear picture of success and to maximize effectiveness in communication, prioritization and organization. Implement individual titles to emphasize singular successes or utilize the full force of the Cutting Edge Success at Work Series to elicit clear goal setting and productive, measurable results.

Cutting Edge Success at Work is a business training series created by psychologist Eve Ash and comedienne Erin Brown. This Australian produced training was filmed on location in Los Angeles, and focuses on the following topics (for more information, please click on any title listed below):

Make a Great Impression - 11 Minutes

  • Dress for Success
  • Shake Hands Professionally
  • Remember Details
  • Introduce Warmly
  • Show Enthusiasm

Communicate Effectively - 13 Minutes

  • Show Positive Body Language
  • Listen and Respect Others
  • Communicate Professionally
  • Impress on the Phone
  • Present and Engage Positively

Be Confident and Assertive - 11 Minutes

  • Speak With Confidence
  • Be Knowledgeable
  • Be Switched On
  • Change Negative Thinking
  • Ask for Help

Set and Achieve Goals - 11 Minutes

  • Determine Goals
  • Ensure Goals are Realistic
  • Set Specific Measurable Goals
  • Achieve Results Within Timeframe
  • Be Persistent with SMART Goals

Prioritize and Organize - 12 Minutes

  • Get Yourself Organized
  • Work Out Priorities
  • Plan Tasks Effectively
  • Always Be On Time
  • Learn to Manage Pressure

Contribute to the Team - 11 Minutes

  • Participate Positively in Meetings
  • Communicate and Collaborate
  • Adapt and Solve Problems
  • Show Initiative
  • Do Your Best Every Time

Appreciate Feedback - 13 Minutes

  • Welcome Feedback
  • Be Open
  • Learn From Mistakes
  • Ask for Advice
  • Practice Feedback Skills

Build Employability Skills - 11 Minutes

  • Find Opportunities to Learn
  • Be Proactive and Find Mentors
  • Be Calm with Difficult People
  • Talk Yourself Up
  • Learn to Apologize

Demonstrate Strengths - 11 Minutes

  • Use Experience to Shine
  • Surprise People with Knowledge
  • Turn Skills Into Strengths
  • Grow Through Self-Awareness
  • Show Genuine Passion

Impress at Job Interviews - 12 Minutes

  • Impress from the Start
  • Wow with Research and Résumé
  • Give Powerful Examples
  • Answer Tricky Questions Skillfully
  • Ask Clever Questions

Cutting Edge Success at Work training videos are designed to provoke discussion and response. Contemporary, fast paced, short and character driven, these courses take an innovative approach to reaching today's learners. Through laughter, discussion and reaction, we can all develop a more transparent and shared vision of how we wish to behave, how we manage ourselves, and how we cooperate with others.

Psychological Rationale to Learning

The producer, notable psychologist Eve Ash, has created this specific and comedic approach to engage today’s learners who live in an age of media saturation; a generation that increasingly reports feeling uninspired, unchallenged and bored by traditional and outdated training approaches. Eve’s primary concern was to create a series that people would want to reference when faced when similar situations as learners progress through their working lives. She had the goal of shared insight and a series that would leave viewers wanting more.

While some find them insensitive or even outrageous, the vast majority of viewers and participants have found them to be refreshing, stimulating and ideal for injecting energy and enthusiasm back into learning.

Languages Available (sold separately): English


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Cutting Edge Success at Work Series
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