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Posts in Interviewing & Hiring

(Video Clip) How a Violin Prevented Gender Bias

how was you day - blind auditionThis clip shows how blind auditions helped a symphony prevent gender bias. While most people don't believe they have biases, the reality is that everyone one way or another. Working to reframe and challenge our hidden biases is something each of us can do to positively impact our workplace.

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Fast and Flexible Micro-Training: The Just-in-Time Solution for Busy Managers

MMTeams - RestoreJust-in-time learning is exactly what its name implies: training that is available in the moment—when and where it’s needed to address a current challenge. This type of learning is proving especially advantageous for busy managers.

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A Guide to Human Capital Management

HumanThumbnailRather than treat workers however as simply a resource to be utilized by a company, this field takes a very positive view of staff, assuming first that they all wish to contribute to the overall success of the company.

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HR Management Success Begins with RPO

PickupThumbnailThere is a a different kind of RPO (recruitment process outsourcing), one that you own, customize and streamline to your needs.

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Avoid Interview Aversion in Six Easy Steps

InterivewthumbnailThere are many pitfalls an interviewer can fall into. Here are six that can be easily avoided.

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Competencies: Linking Assessment to Performance and Development

CompetenciesThumbIf human resources professionals can identify the critical competencies required for successful performance, better employees will follow.

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Why HR Must Change its Approach

WhyHRMustChange2_160x120.jpgUnfortunately, HR seems to be one of the overhead functions that is frequently downsized when times get tough, either through a reduction in its budgets or by reducing its staff; after all, aren't line managers supposed to look after all the people issues now?

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Talent Management: A "Best-in-Cass" Selection Strategy

Talent Management_160x120One of the key issues organizations face is the ability to attract, motivate and retain their employees. Those that focus on attracting and managing talent are able to maintain and enhance the intellectual capital of their organization. They achieve this through the motivation and development of current employees and the attraction of prospective candidates. Any talent management framework or strategy needs to have a clearly defined selection strategy that aligns with the broader organizational talent demands and encourages best practice processes and procedures that ensure consistency and fair treatment of all those involved.

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10 Ways Gardening is like Retaining Great Employees

Gardening_160x120.jpgFor those who have spent time trying to get a flower to bloom, you know that gardening is a lot like retaining good employees.

For those who aren't gardeners, let me explain. Here are 10 ways gardening is like employee retention.

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Six Things You Should Never Ask During an Interview

Never Ask Interview 160x120Being interviewed for a job is stressful. I remember once forgetting how to spell my last name. The woman asked if I spelled Mettler with one “t” or two and I blanked. I actually guessed—wrong! (I didn’t get the job.) It might have been easier for me if I’d known that it was as stressful on the other side of the table. A simple question like, “How old are you?” could potentially land a company in court for discrimination.

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