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Posts in Leadership

The 5 Love Languages At Work

5 Love Languages_giftsEmployee Appreciation -- it's what every employee wants, and what every manager and team leader needs to show. See how The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace can help managers take the right approach.

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How to Handle Those Pesky Time Thieves - Time Management for Managers

MM thievesManagers face 50-60 interruptions a day. In the moment, it can feel like it's best to handle each distraction as it comes up  But, at the end of day, this strategy adds up to a LOT of lost time. See what managers can do to avoid this pesky time thief

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The Power of Storytelling (and How L&D Can Harness It)

Storytelling Video_blog thumbFor Learning & Development, harnessing the power of storytelling makes training more engaging and memorable, creating an ideal foundation for lasting change. Here's a short video with tips on how to incoporate storytelling into your training.

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How Did We Get Here?

How Did We Get Here_thumb revWe’ve all been there, right? It appears to us that our workteam is spending time and money on a project that is headed nowhere...but we're not sure we should be the one to step up and say something. See why it takes honesty and courage to avoid false consensus and the "sunk cost trap."

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Managing Conflict in the Workplace (a Media Partners Toolkit)

Managing Conflict Toolkit_thumb-revOur Conflict Management Toolkit is the perfect reference for busy professionals. This collection is your one-stop shop for our top-rated essentials on this challenging topic, curated by Media Partners for fast access to the fundamental resources you need.

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(Video Clip) Savvy Leaders Avoid Making Hasty Decisions

LN_prescribing clipPremature decisions often produce disappointing results.This video clip reminds leaders to try and find the root cause of a problem before prescribing a solution.

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Fast and Flexible Micro-Training: The Just-in-Time Solution for Busy Managers

MMTeams - RestoreJust-in-time learning is exactly what its name implies: training that is available in the moment—when and where it’s needed to address a current challenge. This type of learning is proving especially advantageous for busy managers.

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How Healthy is Your Organization? Check the 4 Vital Signs

successful leadersHas your organization taken the time for a check-up lately? An organizational-health check-up?  Organizational health exams can highlight current problems and proactively identify where slight adjustments or more significant changes are needed.

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Collaboration Opportunity or Collaboration No-Go? (Checklist)

5-questions-goalsStudies have shown that while collaboration can be a boon to organizational success too much collaboration has the potential to overwhelm to key personnel. Use this tool to identify which projects are appropriate for a collaborative approach and which are not.

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(Infographic) Leading Organizational Change - The Dos and Don'ts

Leading Org Change Infograph_thumb2-smSuccessful change management starts with leadership. Employees look to leaders in times of transition. That means the way leaders introduce and manage change impacts employee performance and the overall success of the initiative. This infographic features 5 things leaders do to derail change followed by the top 5 things leaders to to drive successful change.

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