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Hard Rock International: Teaming with Media Partners to Rock Professional Development

Hard Rock Snapshot_cutThe Hard Rock brand is synonymous with fun. Its 200-plus venues across more than 70 countries feature distinctive cafes, collectible merchandise, and awesome performance facilities. But Hard Rock is also an employer honored for its commitments to diversity, social responsibility, and professional development.

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Communicating Effectively | Power of Words Video Clip

Power of Words postThis powerful 2-minute video conveys the impact words can have and inspires positive communication.

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5 Steps to Becoming a Reliable Person

Accountability-Concept_thumbAccountability is about moving from saying we'll do something to actually doing it. This post reveals what can prevent us from keeping our commitments and offers specific steps for overcoming these obstacles and doing all we can to follow a task through to completion.

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Management Skills Training: Correcting Poor Habits

PC_Poor HabitsAs this video clip shows, correcting poor habits can be extremely difficult-on both the supervisor and the employee. But if you care about the success of your employees, this an important coaching and management skill to have.

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Content is Crucial: “Furnish” Your LMS Room-by-Room

Content Crucial 2_furniture thumb 2Like a new house, an LMS is a big purchase. It’s important to take the time to consider how you will furnish it. In Part 2 of our Content is Crucial Series we explore how quality content matters. 

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(Video Clip) Savvy Leaders Avoid Making Hasty Decisions

LN_prescribing clipPremature decisions often produce disappointing results.This video clip reminds leaders to try and find the root cause of a problem before prescribing a solution.

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Soft Skills … by any other name

Learning Disruptions ThumbThe whole idea of calling a certain set of skills “soft” or “hard” is  problematic, as evidenced by the number of our customers who comment about how much they wish there was another term for "soft skills". It turns out that the term originated with the military, specifically the U.S. Army.

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At-a-Glance Guide to Government Top-Sellers

Govt blog_thumb-newFor decades, Media Partners has provided top-quality learning content to federal, state and local government agencies. Here's a list of the soft skills and compliance training programs currently on our Government Best-sellers list.

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Content is Crucial: Don’t Make This Mis-Steak

QualityThumbA great learning experience is achieved when the learner has been moved to change their behavior. In Part 1 of our Content is Crucial Series we explore the "quality vs quantity" issue and how to balance the need for cost effective and convenient content libraries with the need for quality content that increases engagement and retention.

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Media Partners Research Suggests Many Organizations May Be Overlooking Workplace Violence Prevention Programs

WPV Survey_blog thumb-revWith ongoing reports of active shooters and other incidents in workplaces nationwide, we asked our customers their plans for Workplace Violence Prevention and Response. And the results are in. Our July 2019 Pulse Survey found that organizations are divided when it comes to Workplace Violence (WPV) Prevention programs.  

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