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Posts in Workplace Violence

How Incivility and Employee Engagement Impact Workplace Violence Prevention

bullying_workplaceAs workplace violence prevention continues to mature and expand, its focus is being extended to workplace culture -- specifically, to things like addressing workplace incivility (which can metastasize into violence) and recognizing the importance keeping employees engaged and connected to the organization’s vision and mission.

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Solving the Workplace Violence Prevention Puzzle through Effective Training

WPV Infographic as blog_puzzle thumbThe components of effective Workplace Violence (WPV) Prevention include Awareness, Recognition, Prepared Employees, Action, and an Empathic Culture. Learn more about them in this post, and see the difference effective WPV Prevention and Response training can make.

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5 Questions Employees Ask Most About Extreme Workplace Violence Response Training (and How to Answer Them)

5Qs WPV_raised handsTraining on the topic of workplace violence is complex and potentially intimidating; it can generate questions that may be challenging to answer.  Here's some information that can help.

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Workplace Violence Prevention Training for Healthcare Settings

GRAWV HC_doctorsThis post explains that healthcare facilities have a higher rate of workplace violence than most other industries, and why they need to provide comprehensive training in this area. 

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9 Ways Workplace Violence Prevention Training Benefits Individuals and the Organization

9 Ways WPV Training Benefits_thumbWorkplace Violence (WPV) Prevention and Response Training is something organizations wish they didn’t have to address. But, unfortunately, it has become a necessity in today’s uncertain world. 

Our A Powerful Difference Infographic shows 9 key benefits achieved with effective WPV Prevention Training.

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Workplace Violence Training: HR/L&D and Safety/Security Partnering for Results

WP Violence Partners_wordsWithin an organization, Human Resources/Learning & Development and Safety & Security are two very different groups.  But, working together, they can have a powerful impact on the prevention of workplace violence. This post explains how.

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Prevent Violence in the Workplace: Say Something About Concerning Behavior

GRAWV_Concerning Behav_thumbSeptember 25th is national “If You See Something, Say Something®” Awareness Day. Designated by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the occasion is meant to remind all of us how important it is to speak up if we see behavior or activity that strikes us as suspicious. As this post shows, the idea is also relevant when it comes to preventing workplace violence.

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Media Partners Research Suggests Many Organizations May Be Overlooking Workplace Violence Prevention Programs

WPV Survey_blog thumb-revWith ongoing reports of active shooters and other incidents in workplaces nationwide, we asked our customers their plans for Workplace Violence Prevention and Response. And the results are in. Our July 2019 Pulse Survey found that organizations are divided when it comes to Workplace Violence (WPV) Prevention programs.  

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Get Out, Get Safe, Get Toughâ„¢ -- the New Language of Workplace Violence Survival

GRAWV_Jim TitleAcross the U.S., 1 in 4 HR professionals reported an incident of workplace violence in their organizations during the past year.  This article explains that organizations can help employees feel safer on the job by providing training on how to respond to workplace violence.

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(Infographic) The Benefits of Workplace Violence Prevention and Response Training

WPV thumb_smallThis infographic reveals why workplace violence needs to be addressed today, and highlights the powerful difference workplace violence prevention and response training can make.

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