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Diversity and Inclusion Toolkit

DItoolkit_thumbCurated by Media Partners, this collection of diversity and inclusion training resources is your one-stop shop for our top-rated essentials on these important topics.

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The High Costs of NOT Providing Sexual Harassment Training (Infographic)

Infograph_SH High Costs_smallThe eye-opening statistics in this infographic show the many ways NOT providing sexual harassment prevention training negatively impacts an organization, its people and the bottom line.

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Hard Rock International: Teaming with Media Partners to Rock Professional Development

Hard Rock Snapshot_cutThe Hard Rock brand is synonymous with fun. Its 200-plus venues across more than 70 countries feature distinctive cafes, collectible merchandise, and awesome performance facilities. But Hard Rock is also an employer honored for its commitments to diversity, social responsibility, and professional development.

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Explore Frontline Insurance’s Powerful Training Outcomes in New Case Study from Media Partners

Frontline Ins Case Study_thumbFrom Customer Service to a Culture of Respect. This case study shows how Frontline Insurance found and used Media Partners products that were engaging and got the learning points across to their people. Read the story that includes the company’s use of measurement and feedback to augment training and strengthen employee performance. 

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Respectful Workplace Training | Everything You Need to Know (and more)

RW Pillar_thumbA workplace characterized by trust and the respectful treatment of all employees provides powerful support for job satisfaction and employee engagement. This comprehensive post provides a thorough explanation of what a Respectful Workplace is, statistics on the link between respect and business results, and best practices for respectful workplace training.

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7 Tips for Overcoming Resistance to Sexual Harassment Training

7 Tips Overcome SH Chall_resistantSelecting and delivering engaging and meaningful sexual harassment prevention training can be a daunting task, considering the challenges associated with the topic. Here are 7 Tips for overcoming the three biggest challenges.

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Imagining the Future of Training…and How to Prepare for It

Imagine the Future of Training_thumbThought leaders, researchers, and other prognosticators have imagined what organizational training and development will look like in the years ahead. See how wide-ranging changes make upskilling and reskilling necessary if companies are to remain innovative, agile, and competitive.

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Get Inspired! Media Partners Presents Jackson Hospital’s Customer Service Success Story

Get Inspired_Jackson Hospital_thumbOutstanding customer service is powerful. In the case of Jackson Hospital, powerful enough to change an organizational culture and win the hearts—and support—of a community. Read the intriguing story of what a rural Florida hospital achieved using Media Partners content.

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Ethical Choices: Knowing How to Handle a “Moment of Truth”

Ethical Choices_diceMost people know the difference between right and wrong. They know the difference between telling the truth and telling a lie. And they can explain why honesty and integrity are important. This video clip show what to do when faced with those moments of truth, or ethical dilemmas.

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Media Partners Survey: Leaders and Their Skills Top 2020 Organizational Training Priorities

SS Survey1-20_thumbA Media Partners survey of Learning & Development Professionals asked about their top-of-mind training topics for the year ahead, and we found that attention is solidly focused on the skills leaders need along with competencies that drive organizational success. See the results.

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